• How do you get my exact color?

Your color is looked up in our computer database by the specific code on your vehicle and mixed on site.    

  • Is it OK to do paint repairs outdoors and not in a paint booth?

The low VOC coatings and application techniques used are currently compliant with all state and federal regulations.  Please be sure to check with your security or maintenance staff on their specific policies on paint work/ auto detailing if applicable.  Some locations such as parking garages are not suitable due to the height of my truck and proximity to other vehicles.

 When painting outdoors dust and other contaminants very well may end up settling on your new paint as it is drying.  However, using the most advanced clear coat on the market allows your finish to be wet-sanded and then buffed out to a nearly flawless finish regardless after only 30 min. of cure time rather than 1-3 days of sitting curing at a body shop.

  • What is the process to get the repair done?

The exact process varies with the type of damage of course but basically:

  1. Damaged area is masked off and the remaining areas of the vehicle are covered to prevent overspray.

  2. Sanding and material specific filling repairs the damage

  3. Primer applied and sanded

  4. Basecoat (color) sprayed on with one of two sizes of air guns or airbrush

  5. Clearcoat sprayed on

  6. Finish wet-sanded and buffed

  • How soon after the paint repair may I wash my car?

Vehicles may be washed the very next day after paint repair.

  • How soon after the paint repair can I have my car detailed?

The very next day the vehicle can be detailed but no wax or paint sealant should be applied to the repair area for 30 days.